Ready to be minister if PM wants: Gagan Thapa


August 4, 2021


Ready to be minister if PM wants: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Gagan Thapa. (File photo/Khabarhub)

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Gagan Thapa has said that he is ready to join the government if the Prime Minister wants.

Speaking to reporters at Bharatpur Airport, Chitwan, on Wednesday, lawmaker Thapa said he would not put pressure on the prime minister to make him a minister in the coalition government; however, would assume the post without demur if assigned by the PM.

“If the Prime Minister thinks it is appropriate to keep me in Parliament, I will work as a parliamentarian,” he said, adding, “Yet, I am ready to work as a minister if he thinks that I should be given the responsibility of a ministry.”

Reminding that a coalition government has its own limits, leader Thapa said that the PM should be allowed to work freely as the government is under pressure to work substantively within a short period.

“Coalitions have their own boundaries. This is a government that has come at a difficult time. It did not come naturally,” he said, adding, “The government should be allowed to work freely as it has to come up with substantive changes the public expects from it.” Thapa said.