JSP Yadav faction expels four leaders, including Thakur and Mahato


June 1, 2021


JSP Yadav faction expels four leaders, including Thakur and Mahato

KATHMANDU: The Upendra Yadav faction of the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has expelled four leaders, including Chairman Mahanta Thakur, from the party.

A meeting of the executive members expelled Chairman Thakur, senior leader Rajendra Mahato, and leaders Laxman Lal Karna and Sharvendra Nath Shukla from the party.

“We have informed the Election Commission about the expulsion of party members,” JSP leader Ishtiaq Rayi said.

The JSP was engaged in a bitter row with two factions seeking an explanation from one another.

The Upendra Yadav-led faction had sought a 24-hour clarification from four party leaders, including party Chairman Mahantha Thakur on Saturday soon after JSP Chairman Mahantha Thakur sought a 24-hour clarification from Yadav.

The Upendra Yadav faction has earlier warned of taking action against Mahantha and Mahato in accordance with party statute and Political Party Act if they did not furnish their response within the deadline.

The party, observers say, is on the brink of split after the two factions have been sharply divided after Prime Minister KP Oli dissolved the House of Representatives.

While the Thakur-Mahato faction has been supporting Prime Minister Oli’s move, the Yadav faction has been protesting the decision of the dissolution of the Parliament.

The Thakur-Mahato faction is all set to join the government led by Prime Minister KP Oli. The party has also finalized the distribution of the ministry.

The JSP was formed after uniting two parties – Rastriya Janata Party and Samajbadi Party Nepal – last year with the objective of forming an alternative political force in the country to champion the cause of equality, identity, and empowering the marginalized communities.