Ex-secretary Upadhyaya released on bail


April 27, 2020


Ex-secretary Upadhyaya released on bail

Former Secretary Bhim Upadhyaya. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Former Secretary Bhim Upadhyaya has been released on a bail bond of Rs 25,000 on Monday.

The Kathmandu District Court had ordered his release on bail. A single bench of Judge Bharatmani Khanal had made the order following the conclusion of a bail hearing in the case of cybercrime filed against him.

Upadhyaya deposited the bail amount and rescued his release.

The Kathmandu District Attorney’s office had sued Upadhyaya on cybercrime allegation seeking 5-year imprisonment for him. He was arrested by the Central Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police on Wednesday night.

Upadhyaya was a vocal critic of the government and active in social media slamming leaders and government officials for their wrongdoings.

Upadhyaya has exposed many scams and recently disclosed the recent scam in purchasing medical supplies from China. He had exposed the deal in which the government was found procuring health materials through the OMNI group at the price 10-15 times higher than the market price. The deal was later canceled following after severe criticism.

Upadhyaya had also claimed that the post of some cabinet ministers and Heath Secretary Yadav Koirala was at risk.

He had then a verbal spat with the Health Secretary with the latter accusing him of being involved in corruption in the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

He was targeted by the government after he started exposing it wrongdoing and was booked for cybercrimes.