International Committee seeks prompt rescue of Nepalis in crisis


May 17, 2020


International Committee seeks prompt rescue of Nepalis in crisis

A meeting of the International Relations Committee. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Members on the International Relations Committee under the House of Representatives (HOR) have spoken the need of rescuing those Nepali citizens left stranded in India and other countries during COVID-19 crisis through phase-wise efforts.

In a meeting of the Committee held in Singha Durbar today, they were of the view of making no further delay in picking up Nepali migrant workers, who are at risk of the virus and other subsequent crisis.

Committee member and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said many Nepalis had lost their lives to the virus in foreign countries and it was a need to take a prompt step for bringing them back home.

He presented an idea of listing them first on the basis of their state and rescuing them phase-wise with full guarantee of medical tests.

He also demanded the government apprise the Committee about efforts being taken by Nepali Embassies in foreign countries to rescue Nepalis from crisis.

He also urged the government to ensure quarantine and medical facilities along the Nepal-India border for Nepalis left stranded there and those entering homes covertly.

Similarly, Committee member Prakashman Singh accused the government of failing to take substantive steps to stay safe from the coronavirus risk when two months were about to complete since the enforcement of lockdown against the virus.

”The government is in confusion to address the issues facing Nepalis abroad,” he said. He also took time to say that in the present situation, the Federal Government failed to coordinate with the state and local governments to respond the COVID-19 crisis, accusing India of failing to live up to the promise of taking proper care of Nepalis in India in this crisis.

He urged the government to make sure that it was there for help of Nepalis suffering in foreign land. Committee’s another member Surendra Kumar Karki advised the government to make arrangements for immediate rescue of Nepalis by assessing the risk factors ahead of them.

He was of the view that those citizens could be brought homes after going through medical tests in the countries where they are residing in coordination with the respective countries.

Another member Uma Regmi stressed the government should ensure the Nepali citizens’ right to return home during this crisis.

Prem Tulachan, Pushpa Bhusal and Dibyamani Rajbhandari also echoed the need of rescuing Nepalis from abroad.

Committee president Pabitra Niraula informed the meeting that suggestions and opinions of the members would be compiled in a form of report and would be submitted to the government.

The Committee could meet again as per the necessity, she stated.