CCP mouthpiece denies encroachment in Nepal, dubs main opposition NC as pro-India force


October 17, 2020


CCP mouthpiece denies encroachment in Nepal, dubs main opposition NC as pro-India force

Structure erected by China in Nepal’s land at Lolungjong (L) and the area where Pillar 12 is located (arrow right).

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KATHMANDU: Chinese state media has claimed that China has not encroached on Nepal’s land although a field survey in Humla has established the fact of encroachment.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece, Global Times claimed that the buildings fall within the Chinese territory and are actually a newly-built village in Tibet Autonomous Region and not on the “encroached” land of Nepal.

“The buildings that some in Nepal accused China of encroaching on its land fall within Chinese territory and are actually a newly-built village in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region,” Global Times reported citing sources.

A new structure built by China in Nepal’s territory at Lolungjong area (below yellow arrow).

The report has further accused that Indian media hyped the incident to stir up Nepali sentiment, and some Indian media even connected the buildings to China-India border disputes, asserting that it was part of China’s efforts to gain an edge over India on the border.

The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC), which has been hyping the incident, is considered as a pro-India force, it has accused.

It should be noted that a recent filed report had confirmed that the physical structure built by China in Lolungjong falls in the Nepali territory and that China has encroached on Nepali land.

The report prepared by a parliamentary team led by the Nepali Congress (NC) leader and Karnali Provincial Assembly lawmaker Jeewan Bahadur Shahi after a field visit has concluded that China has encroached on Nepali land, despite denial from both China and the Government of Nepal.

China has also encroached some two kilometers of the section of a road built by Nepal from Gappudocha in the district, the report has said.

Pillar No 12 at the Nepal-China border erected by China. It’s alignment has been said to have been changed by China. Pieces of cement are seen to prove that it has been recently constructed.

Shahi said the team carried out an 11-day study from Pillar-5 to Pillar-12 in which it was evident that China had encroached Nepali territory in the district of Humla.

Likewise, according to the report, China has been found to have violated the international obligation by constructing a gate in between the Pillar 9(2) in no man’s land at the Hilsa border area.

Similarly, China has also encroached Nepali territory near the border pillars 5(1) and 5(2) in the Kith area, and removed the old Junge Pillar no 5(2).

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