Internet problem pesters students during online education


September 13, 2020


Internet problem pesters students during online education

NAWALPUR: The stakeholders here have said the online education was not effective for the students in rural area.

Although the district is located in convenient place in terms of reaching development facilities, even the mobile network does not work well. It has questioned the relevance of the efforts to conduct online teaching- learning, according to teachers, guardians and students.

Ajita Pokhrel from Brahmasthan of Madhyabindu-3 in the district said the online education was not practical to her.

The student of the Saptagandaki Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Pokhrel viewed, “The telecom mobile does not connect to network here. Then how can I take online class? I’m completely indoors following the COVID-19 lockdown.”

She further said she was not able to talk to friends and teachers but just read the books. Improvement of network quality is imperative before advocating for online education, she stressed.

Similarly, Chief of the Kolhuwa Multiple Campus at Chanauli of Madhyabindu-2, Narayan Aryal, said hardly 30 percent students have access to online education. Although online education could be best alternative education in the city area, it is not fully practical for the Nepali students, he said, adding, “Poor internet access is major hindrance to online education.”

He further said the net speed adequate running social networking site does not work adequately for the well managed, regular and formal e-learning. According to him, distant learning with the use of television and radio could however be better option where the internet does not function well.

Moreover, guardian at Amaltari from Kawasoti-17, Bawani Gurau, viewed that most of the guardians were unable to afford online class to their children. Internet facilities need to be augmented at Narayani River bank area.

“We are compelled to go out of home while talking to relatives in foreign countries. At such condition, how to afford online education to our children,” he shared the plight. RSS