NAC raises question on reliability of Nepal’s laboratory after negative reports in HK, Dubai


November 4, 2020


NAC raises question on reliability of Nepal’s laboratory after negative reports in HK, Dubai

Office of the Nepal Airlines Corporation in Kathmandu. (File Photo)

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has drawn attention to the fact that negative reports of the coronavirus test conducted in various laboratories in Nepal have come positive in the re-test conducted abroad.

It is compulsory to show the negative reports through the RT PCR  from a laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health and Population to travel to destinations like Hong Kong, Dubai and Narita of Japan.

But, the reports have come positive while re-testing in those countries.

As a result, the concerned countries have alerted the NAC and imposed a ban on some flights drawing the attention of the Corporation saying that it has suffered a great loss in terms of economy and reputation.

In a statement, the NAC said that such incidents have negatively affected the reputation of not only the corporation but the entire country.

“In addition, the credibility of Nepal’s health laboratories has been questioned,” said Karishma Shrestha, Spokeswoman at the NAC.

“Therefore, the Corporation urges the government of Nepal to recognize health laboratories.”

Stating that it is aware of the standards of passenger safety and concerned regulators, the NAC said that no agreements have been reached on the problems faced by the aviation sector due to the global coronavirus epidemic and the implementation of additional standards in terms of health safety.

The Corporation has requested the passengers to be vigilant by taking special precautions even after giving the sample of RT PCR.

The Corporation has also stated that the passengers themselves should take full responsibility if the report shows a negative test of the passengers in the respective countries.

NAC aircraft have been flying passengers based on the report of testing the coronavirus within 72 hours.

However, the Corporation has been taking action after some passengers in Nepal tested positive after reaching the destination country.

The corporation was twice banned from flying by Hong Kong. Dubai has also warned to stop flying.

Shulekh Mishra, co-spokesperson of the Corporation, said Japan has requested the Corporation to be vigilant as two to 10 passengers from Nepal were found to be corona positive.

Similarly, the UAE has also drawn the attention of the NAC by writing a letter. He said that the NAC is conscious and sensitive on the same basis.

Spokesperson Shrestha said that the NAC has informed the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation about the attention drawn by Japan, Hong Kong and UAE.

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