Health surveillance increased for COVID-19 along Nepal-India border in Birgunj


January 15, 2024


Health surveillance increased for COVID-19 along Nepal-India border in Birgunj

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BIRGUNJ: Surveillance has been intensified along the Nepal-India border in Birgunj, Parsa.

This comes in the wake of the detection of a new variant of COVID-19 at the transit point a few days ago and the increasing infection rate in India.

The JN.1 is said to be the latest variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

To manage the situation, a health desk has been established along the border for the health screening of people returning from India. Those aspiring to enter the country are required to undergo an antigen test if they have fever and cough before being allowed entry.

The health desk, operated by the Birgunj metropolis for the past month, initially screens for symptoms such as fever and cough. Individuals showing symptoms then undergo an antigen test.

As of now, 5,200 people have been screened for COVID-19 symptoms at the desk. On last Wednesday, two Indians and one Nepali tested positive for the virus through the antigen test.

Out of 200 tests conducted, three cases were confirmed positive. Those testing positive are advised to undergo home isolation, according to Anil Yadav, the coordinator of the Metropolis health section. The health desk is staffed by two nurses, three health assistants, two lab technicians, and one lab assistant.

In response to the surge in infections in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana in India, the District Health Office, Parsa has increased health surveillance along the Birgunj border.

More, a holding center has been kept ready near the border in case its operation is deemed necessary. The center was established on April 18, 2021 as per the decision of the Council of Ministers.