Nepal records 367 rape cases in last six months, 77 percent victims are minors


November 1, 2020


Nepal records 367 rape cases in last six months, 77 percent victims are minors

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KATHMANDU: Rape cases continue to rise in Nepal despite strict laws in place, according to the latest data of the Women Rehabilitation Center (WOREC).

As many as 367 cases of rape were reported in the last six months (April/May to September/October 2020), the report unveiled by the WOREC said.

Of the total rape cases reported in the period, 44 were gang rapes, the report stated.

The most upsetting fact revealed by the report is that of the total rape victims 283 are girls below 18 years of age, including 39 victims between two and 10 years (13 percent) and 244 between 11 and 18 years (86 percent).

According to the report, the relation between the victims and the perpetrators showed that majority of rapes were meted out by close and near ones.

As many as 161 (57 percent) rape accused were found to be neighbors, 53 (19 percent) family members, 23 (8 percent) partners, four (1 percent) teachers, eight (3 percent) service providers, while only 25 (9 percent) were strangers to the victims.

During the same period, 51 cases of attempted rape and 76 cases of sexual abuse were reported, the report says.
Similarly, Nepal recorded as many as 1,673 gender-based violence against women and children in the same span of time, the report showed.

Out of  them, 825 cases of domestic violence, 160 cases of social violence and 71 cases of murder were reported.
Likewise, 18 cases of human trafficking, 61 cases of suicide and 31 other cases related to violence against women were recorded in the last six months.

Looking at the ethnicity of women and girls affected by gender-based violence, 558 (34 percent) belonged to Janajati, 299 (18 per cent) belonged to Dalit, 424 (25 per cent) belonged to Brahmins, 140 (8 percent) belonged to Terai non-Dalits and 34 (2 percent) Muslims, while ethnic identities of 218 victims were unknown.