10 regions to visit in 2020


October 31, 2019


10 regions to visit in 2020

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1. Brazilian Amazon

“The Brazilian Amazon is the natural world at its purest – an ancient place that, with its polychromatic wildlife and chaotic, knotted flora, seems practically hallucinogenic. This misty jungle is home to some of the world’s rarest plants and animals, as well as communities that have remained stewards of this great green expanse for centuries.”

2. Kvarner Gulf, Croatia

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“Sandwiched between the tourist hotspots of Dalmatia and Istria, this less heralded part of the Croatian coast has been quietly building up its credentials in the culinary and environmental-protection spheres over the last decade.”

3. Northeast Argentina

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“Of course there’s the famous Iguazú, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but the rest of this rugged and temperate region will lead you well off the beaten path. Newly minted in 2018, Iberá National Park is poised to become one of Argentina’s greatest attractions.”

4. Cádiz Province, Spain

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“With a string of gastronomic triumphs, Cádiz province is wandering into the spotlight. Queen of the Sherry Triangle, Jerez de la Frontera welcomed its first Michelin star in 2018 courtesy of Juan Luis Fernández’ restaurant LÚ, Cocina y Alma, and its 20th-century tabancos have been rescued from extinction by enterprising new owners.”

5. Guizhou Province, China

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“Streets brim with street-food stalls come evening, and a bowl of spicy rice noodles costs pennies, but down back alleyways, artisan businesses, cafes and craft bars are starting to open. In the countryside, teeters wooden villages still linger almost unchanged for centuries, but have begun to develop traveler amenities.”

6. Lord Howe Island, Australia

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“Two soaring green mountains overlook a perfect lagoon and the world’s southernmost coral reef; perfect crescents of the beach and splendid hiking trails through the lush forest add to brilliant outdoors possibilities. This one-time volcano’s isolation makes it a refuge for many endemic species, as well as plentiful bird life.”

7. Maine, US

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“New England’s biggest state has always been full of pride, but this year the love for ‘Vacationland’ will reach fever pitch as Maine celebrates its bicentennial. Across the region, towns and cities are holding special exhibitions, concerts, and festivals to commemorate 200 years of statehood.”

8. Tōhoku, Japan

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“Already known within Japan for its dramatic natural landscapes, cultural heritage, historic festivals, good food and warm welcome, Tōhoku is emerging as a breath of fresh air for the crowd-weary adventurous visitor, and is just a few bullet-train hours northeast of the capital.”

9. Le Marche, Italy

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“In 2020, the spotlight will shine brightly here as Urbino, Le Marche’s most picturesque city, leads the celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Renaissance painter – and local boy made good – Raphael.”

10. Central Asian Silk Road

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“A region once made rich by trade and travelers, the Central Asian Silk Road is again at the center of global interest. The ancient cities, bustling bazaars and wild landscapes of Central Asia are drawing increasing numbers of visitors looking for adventure along one of history’s most storied travel routes.”

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