HamroPatro gives you a better digital experience


September 18, 2019


HamroPatro gives you a better digital experience
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KATHMANDU: HamroPatro is absolutely an ideal digital marketing platform with numerous options that helps users to penetrate a large number of audience to aware them about their products and services.

HamroPatro is currently the only Nepali app to reach the milestone of the highest rated app in Nepal with over five million downloads and one million daily active users.

“It provides numerous options to tailor a solution for a particular need,” claims Santosh Kumar Devkota, Managing Director, Smart Ideas Pvt. Ltd. (HamroPatro).

Santosh Kumar Devkota, Managing Director, Smart Ideas Pvt. Ltd. (HamroPatro).

Devkota believes that HamroPatro is an excellent platform for increasing engagement.

With over 18 staff, HamroPatro is now not just limited as a calendar app but also a multi-feature app with added features like digital calendar, Radio, Video, Podcast horoscope, FOREX, News, Blogs, Literature, Astrology Birth Chart, Match Making, Commenting and much more value-added services.

In general, it is all in one app as the name suggests “everything here”, which is elegant, user-friendly and works great on slow internet connection.

Says Devkota, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce that each release is bigger and is available in Play Store.”

According to him, they have revamped its UI based on material design guideline to make it look more elegant and vibrant.

“With its alluring looks and fine design, HamroPatro is more fun to use since we have updated the side navigation menu to make it cleaner and organized,” he claims.

Moreover, the app shows relevant cards based on date, time and the location of the user.

“For example, the app will show the horoscope card only in the morning as most of the user check the horoscope during the morning time,” Devkota informs adding that the “Quote of the Day” card will be shown only in the morning while the app will show the news card and radio card at the top in the evening time.

There are other sections such as festivals, event details and other information.

“Currently, we are working on Live calling Astrology feature for app, which is able to connect Pandits/Astrologers & global Nepalese Jajman easily. This feature is already live in the web version and we are getting amazing feedback and on it,” said Devkota, who has a lot of experience in this sector.

Devkota is also the Strategic Partnership Director – Hamro Patro Inc. a company incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada, USA.

Apart from this, he has experience in the media sector. Devkota has worked as a Program Coordinator and Producer with Radio Birgunj 99 MHz, as well as Production Chief with Parsa FM Pvt Ltd., among others.

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