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Thursday, June 20th, 2024

Karl-Heinz Krämer

What about Nepal’s democracy?

There are certainly more important things for Nepal than politics. However, thanks to the parties

Nepal’s Struggle with Federalism

With the 2015 constitution, Nepal declared itself a federal and secular republic. This was done

Secularism and social inclusion or Hindu state and monarchy?

Nepal is currently witnessing a wave of demonstrations and demands in support of a return

Discussion on Changing the Electoral System

In recent days, there have been repeated calls for a change in the electoral system.

2021 Census: How inclusive is the Nepali state?

Since 1990, the Nepali state has committed itself in its constitutions to multiethnicity, multilingualism and

Celebrating National Oligarchy Day!

In Nepal, they celebrate Democracy Day for three days, whatever there is to celebrate. 72

What about political stability in Nepal?

Nepal’s politicians are bringing the country closer to the abyss, but the judiciary is also

Ambition of politicians and the will of voters

The national and provincial elections have been held and have sent shock waves. Despite massive

The declared ideals of 2006 and today’s political impasse

The scorn of Nepali politicians knows no bounds. The top leaders of the ruling coalition,

Election alliances of Nepali parties: sense or nonsense in local elections?

In the 2017 elections, a comprehensive election alliance of two major parties, the CPN (UML)

Is Nepal still a democratic state?

Nepal has had to struggle for democracy for about seven decades. It was not until

Morality and policy and the means (upaya) of Hindu politics

Complaints about the lack of morality among Nepali top politicians have been around for a

Nepali national cricket team returns home after playing ICC T-20 World Cup

KATHMANDU: The Nepali national cricket team returned home today following

Gold price up by Rs 600 per tola

KATHMANDU: The price of gold remained increased by Rs 600

Shahid Laldhwoj Roadway in Tanahu being upgraded

DAMAULI: The Shahid Laldhwoj roadway, which connects Shuklagandaki to Byas

Bagmati Province Assembly to begin discussion on budget today

HETAUDA: The Bagmati State Assembly is taking place at 11

Three Worrisome Implications of Nepal’s Political Instability

‘Political transition’ is not a resolution for prolonged political instability.