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Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim

How long can the world afford to continue two wars?

There is no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak has gravely impacted every aspect of social,

Women’s Participation in Local Government of Bangladesh

Policy frameworks are set to include women in the political process for empowering women, and

Effects of Cultural Transformation on Biodiversity in Bangladesh

From the sociological perspective, culture is defined as the way people live in a society

What counts as valuing people in Bangladesh society?

Valuing people and respecting them depends on various abstract aspects such as wisdom, knowledge, integrity,

Mitigating Climate Change Effects

The scientific community shows their great concern after witnessing the recent devastating floods in South

Youth entrepreneurship in Bangladesh: An alternative employment opportunity

The enviable development progress that Bangladesh has shown is afflicted because of the impact of

Sustainable Thinking: Principles, Presumptions and Proposal

Thinking is a cognitive state of a human being referring to the ability to process

Cognitive limits of policymaking

Although public policy is a relatively new discipline in the academic discourse, it has attracted

Making an organization effective through teambuilding

Beyond the ordinary discourse of understanding organizations as outcroppings, modern organizational analysts emphasize the effective

Bracing the COVID-hit economic crisis in Bangladesh

While presiding over the meeting of the National Economic Council of Bangladesh on 17th May

COVID, Climate and Conflict worsen the world

Acknowledging the fact of having no substantive power, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres wants to

Why does academic community of developing countries prefer ‘xenocentrism’ in terms of publication?

Research and development is the prerequisite for not only continuous development but also the sustainability

Today’s national news in a nutshell

Khabarhub brings you a glimpse of major developments of the

UML Chair Oli calls for review of FY 2024/25 budget

KATHMANDU: CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli has called for

China’s subversive tactics at Indo-Nepal border for espionage

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has had a history of

NOC lowers fuel prices

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has decreased fuel prices.

Kathmandu records year’s highest temperature at 35.3°C

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal, recorded its highest