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Friday, July 12th, 2024

Aditya Man Shrestha

Is People’s Movement III in the offing?

Observers were not sure of political stability under the existing system at the time of

Three dimensions of Chinese progress

Irrespective of the size of the country and its people, China has made three frontiers

Nepalese hurting Nepalese

It sounds incredible to hear that the Nepalese are hurting the Nepalese. It is tragic,

Walking the tight rope

Walking the tight rope is an inevitable feature of Nepalese diplomacy. It has proven an

Uniting or dividing Nepal?

Nepal is a country fraught with uniting as well as dividing ingredients. The social harmony

Finding serenity amid hubbub

I consider myself as one of those who has benefited from a regular practice of

Is spirituality an enigma?

We have to find out as to what spirituality is and what it is not.

Upcoming quagmire

As predicted in October 2009, the plot over Nepal’s international relations is thickening. Nepal is

Into the world of spirituality

Entering the world of spirituality is a problem for many, who aspire to go into

Is violence repeating?

It is a pretty scary question dangling on people’s tongues whether violence has come back

Why spirituality matters?

Most of us are unhappy not because we have less but because we think so.

A semantic puzzle hurled at public

By the 11-point agreement with CK Raut, a secessionist campaigner for an independent Madhesh state,

Golden Dragon Brand Vans Now in Nepal: Arx Group Introduces 14-Seat Electric Vans

KATHMANDU; Arx Group Pvt. Ltd., renowned as China’s premier motor

Today’s national news in a nutshell

Khabarhub brings you a glimpse of major developments of the

People associated with entertainment sector are compelled to face sexual exploitation, forced labor

KATHMANDU: Men and women associated with the entertainment sector are

Pakistan’s withdrawal alters SAFF U-20 Championship schedule

KATHMANDU: The schedule for the SAFF U-20 Championship, set to

132 road sections affected from floods, landslides

KATHMANDU: The vehicular movement in 132 road sections in different