Chinese crime network extends reach to Indian border market


March 31, 2024


Chinese crime network extends reach to Indian border market

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KATHMANDU: The Chinese crime network, previously centered in Kathmandu, has expanded its activities to the Nepal-India border market.

Operating under the guise of tourists, Chinese individuals, with the assistance of locals, have begun to focus on cybercrime along the Nepal-India border.

Formerly active in Butwal and Bhairahawa in Rupandehi, these Chinese nationals have shifted their operations to Parsa district.

Parsa police recently apprehended a Chinese citizen engaged in an illegal networking business, facilitating call bypassing in Birgunj.

In a raid conducted last Saturday at a residence in Birgunj Metropolitan City, three Chinese nationals were arrested for their involvement in bypassing international calls and SMS by renting a house for their illicit activities.

Authorities have indicated that additional members of the network are being pursued, with reports suggesting that Chinese nationals have been engaging in call bypassing in Birgunj for several months.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Kumar Bikram Thapa of Parsa said that the investigation is ongoing, with three individuals currently in custody.