Inmates at central jail now covered by health insurance


February 29, 2024


Inmates at central jail now covered by health insurance

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KATHMANDU: A new health insurance scheme has been introduced for inmates at Central Jail, aiming to facilitate their access to healthcare services.

Implemented by the Jail Management Department, the scheme became effective from mid-February.

Kalpana Gyawali, Chief of Health Programme at Central Jail, revealed that the health insurance covers inmates who have served more than one year of their sentence.

Each inmate is provided with health insurance coverage worth Rs 3,500, automatically invalidated upon completion of their jail term.

Lalit Basnet, Jail Administrator, emphasized that the initiative aims to prioritize inmates’ health needs. Under the scheme, each prisoner is entitled to medical treatment worth Rs 100,000 through the insurance coverage.

Furthermore, the government ensures medical treatment for inmates through the Central Prison Hospital.

In cases where treatment exceeds the hospital’s capacity, agreements with 25 external hospitals enable the provision of necessary medical care.

With 30 beds available, the Central Prison Hospital offers a range of services including outpatient departments, laboratory tests, X-rays, ECGs, ultrasounds, dental care, psychiatric consultations, dermatological treatments, and eye care services.

Additionally, the hospital conducts health camps targeting inmates periodically, underscoring the commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services within the prison system.

Currently, the Central Jail and its associated facilities house a total of 3,721 inmates, ensuring their health needs are adequately addressed through the newly implemented health insurance scheme and existing medical facilities.