Ruling coalition is destined for failure: NC leader KC

NC has no enmity with Rabi Lamichhane: KC

Krishna Timalsina

March 27, 2024


Ruling coalition is destined for failure: NC leader KC

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Arjun Narsingh KC forecasted the imminent breakdown of the newly formed power coalition due to internal discord.

Emphasizing the need for patience, he asserted that the Nepali Congress remains pivotal for any viable government formation.

KC said that the ruling coalition is destined for failure due to its inherent conflicts, and Nepali Congress must maintain patience.

Speaking to Khabarhub, KC elaborated, “We are witnessing conflicting narratives; hence, NC must adopt a wait-and-see approach.”

According to KC, rather than actively disrupting the alliance, its own internal strife will lead to its demise, necessitating Nepali Congress’s involvement in any subsequent government formation.

In a conversation with Khabarhub, KC clarified that Nepali Congress holds no personal animosity towards Home Minister Rabi Lamichane, highlighting the party’s focus on governance and procedural matters. Excerpts:

Nepali Congress demanded the resignation of Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane in the House of Representatives demanding the formation of a parliamentary probe committee. Why the apparent discord between NC and Rastriya Swatantra Party?

It wouldn’t be prudent to label it as discord. In a democratic setup, clashes of ideas, sometimes even personalities, are inevitable.

However, in this instance, challenges should be resolved through public debate rather than resorting to procedural matters.

The formation of a parliamentary committee, when public scrutiny demands it, should not instill fear within those in power; rather, it should be embraced as a means to uphold democratic principles.

This isn’t hostility. A nascent power, if grounded in democratic principles, can bolster democracy.

Why was this matter not raised when the Nepali Congress was in government in the past?

Even when it was in government, the leadership was not of Nepali Congress.

This matter was raised even when we were in the government.

At that time, I raised the point that all parties should be united against corruption.

For instance, gold smuggling and Ncell scandal are the biggest corruption scandals in the country.

Earlier, after investigating the gold scandal issue, the Home Minister presented the details to the Prime Minister. But nothing has progressed. How possible is a new power equation or alliance in the future?

Nepali Congress should not become a factor of instability.

In previous election, we approached Nepali people saying that we will give them stability, peace and development for five years.

Rather than the NC being betrayed by the Maoists, it was as if both of us were betrayed.

Therefore, the Nepali Congress is not in favor of pushing the country towards instability and confusion in the process of changing alliances.

In the process, the ruling coalition’s internal conflict will lead to the collapse of the alliance.

Nepali Congress should have patience. NC should vigorously advance in anti-corruption campaign, public interest issues, rule of law and non-conflict.

Looking at the context of good governance and corruption, the question is directed towards one of your party’s factions. In the past, the dissatisfaction of the Prime Minister remained the same. Has the leadership of one level of your party become an obstacle for good governance?

Wherever there is an obstacle, no matter which party it is, let this government investigate with courage.

The Nepali Congress should support the endeavor against corruption.

Now, no matter how many parties are in leadership, people believe that most of them are corrupt.

The whip of the party will always be one side, but the conscience should belong to every representative and should support the truth.

Even now, in the manner in which the anti-corruption campaign is being carried forward, those in the government should be ready to answer the questions raised on themselves, even though there is full protection.

There is no objection to forming an inquiry committee for this.

Now there is frustration and dissatisfaction among the people.

To break this, it was necessary to break the 238-year-old king’s autocracy and free the country from the violent situation of 13/14 years and create a peaceful situation.

We need to accept the mistake and move on. Nepali Congress is the defender of democracy.

When the Congress becomes weak, then democracy will weaken.

Why do you think there was another alliance within the alliance apart from the Congress?

Now we are hearing such conflicting language. Therefore, the Nepali Congress should wait and see.

We will not break the coalition when this power is alienated, it will break itself and it will become a situation where another government cannot be formed without us.

The equation in the center has sent ripples in the provinces as well. Can the country move ahead in this fragility?

People are disappointed with the distortions born within us rather than opposition to the system.

Various parties are trying to turn this desperate discontent into rebellion.

Nepal has already seen seven constitutions in a period of 76 years.

The current dissatisfaction among the people should be addressed within this constitution. Otherwise, it may lead the country in the wrong direction.