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Monday, June 24th, 2024

Eating Mangoes? Ensure you avoid chemically ripened ones!

24 May 2024  

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KATHMANDU: Mangoes are a summertime favorite because their sweet and juicy taste is refreshing in hot weather.

They have high water content, making them perfect for hydration and ideal for smoothies, juices, and other summer beverages.

With the onset of mango season, markets are flooded with these fruits.

To meet the high demand, some sellers use chemicals to speed up the ripening process, ensuring a steady supply of mangoes.

For mango enthusiasts, it’s important to know how to identify mangoes that have been chemically ripened.

Chemicals used in ripening

Mangoes are often ripened with calcium carbide, which releases acetylene gas when it contacts moisture, leading to quick ripening.

However, this can pose serious health risks, including skin irritation, respiratory issues, and gastrointestinal problems.

Additionally, traders might use ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone that promotes ripening.

Identifying chemically ripened mangoes

Color: Check for green spots on the mangoes. These spots often indicate chemical ripening.

Size and shape: Chemically ripened mangoes are usually smaller and often leak juice. Avoid mangoes with white or blue marks.

Dip test: Place mangoes in a bucket of water. Naturally ripened mangoes will sink, while those floating on top are likely chemically treated.

Press test: Gently press the mango. A ripe mango will be soft, but if it feels hard in some areas, it might be chemically ripened.

Smell test: Smell the stem of the mango. A fruity and sweet smell indicates ripeness, while a sour or alcoholic odor suggests spoilage.

Spot check: Look for brown spots on naturally ripened mangoes. Chemically ripened ones will have pale or white spots.

Health effects of consuming artificially ripened mangoes

Eating chemically ripened mangoes can cause throat irritation and a burning sensation in the stomach, potentially leading to stomach ache and diarrhea.

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Publish Date : 24 May 2024 07:51 AM

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