Concerns raised over impact of fake information on political progress


February 24, 2024


Concerns raised over impact of fake information on political progress

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KATHMANDU: Stakeholders have voiced their apprehensions regarding the recent surge in fake information, which they fear is undermining political achievements.

During an interaction program organized by the Centre for Media Research Nepal on ‘Disinformation in Nepal and Democracy,’ participants highlighted the alarming trend of false narratives being perpetuated through social media channels.

Former Chief Election Commissioner Bhojraj Pokharel, presenting a paper on the ‘Role of Political Parties in Controlling Disinformation,’ underscored the relentless assault on democracy and democratic leadership fueled by fake information.

Pokharel emphasized the crucial role of political parties in combatting disinformation, urging them to prioritize digital literacy among their leaders and members. He advocated for the implementation of a code of conduct for social media usage, emphasizing compliance with ethical standards.

Furthermore, Pokharel cautioned against the exploitation of public disillusionment by certain factions seeking to weaken democratic institutions and perpetuate a narrative of democratic failure.

Echoing Pokharel’s sentiments, Nepali Congress leader Gagan Kumar Thapa emphasized the importance of discernment in consuming information, advocating for enhanced awareness starting from educational institutions.

Similarly, CPN (UML) Vice-Chairperson Bishnu Poudel stressed the potential of social media in fostering democracy, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to combat fake information.

CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice-Chairperson Agni Prasad Sapkota called for collective action from political parties, media outlets, and social activists to curb the spread of fake information, warning of dire consequences if left unchecked.

Parliamentarians from various political parties unanimously acknowledged the detrimental impact of fake information on society, underscoring the necessity for unified action against this pervasive issue.