Film Censorship Procedure sparks concerns among filmmakers


February 21, 2024


Film Censorship Procedure sparks concerns among filmmakers

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KATHMANDU: The Film Censor Working Procedure draft for the year 2080 BS, prepared by the Central Film Censor Board, has raised apprehensions within the film producers’ community.

During a recent discussion program held in Kathmandu, film director Dayaram Dahal expressed concerns that the proposed draft fails to foster a conducive environment for filmmakers.

He emphasized that the term “censor” itself is not well-received within the filmmaking community.

Dahal suggested simplifying the process and placing it under the jurisdiction of the Film Development Board instead of the Ministry.

He advocated for the classification of films instead of censorship, arguing that the concept of film censorship hampers the freedom of filmmakers.

Dahal proposed the need for self-censorship rather than external censorship.

Similarly, film director Manoj Pundit argued against direct state surveillance in films, stating that the proposed draft restricts the production of films in a creative, realistic, and independent manner, in alignment with contemporary times and relevance.

Rishiraj Acahrya, a member of the Central Film Censor Board of Nepal, defended the draft, claiming that it was prepared in accordance with relevant laws.

He mentioned that the draft is temporary, pending the formulation of a dedicated Act, and further steps will be taken based on broader consensus.

During the discussions, Film Development Board member Rabi Adhikari called for the inclusion of experts in the censor board.

Additionally, he proposed that the term of each board member should be at least five years, highlighting the interconnected issues between the Film Censor Board and the Film Development Board.