Russia holds back release of Nepali nationals enlisted in its army: PM Dahal


January 21, 2024


Russia holds back release of Nepali nationals enlisted in its army: PM Dahal

PM Dahal addressing a press conference after his arrival in Kathmandu from Uganda

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has disclosed that Russia currently shows reluctance in promptly releasing Nepali nationals who are enlisted in its army.

Addressing the media at the Tribhuvan International Airport upon his return from Uganda, where he attended the 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), PM Dahal expressed that despite continuous efforts, Nepal is confronted with a formidable challenge in repatriating its citizens.

“We have dispatched diplomatic notes to Russia, but the Russian government has indicated a lack of willingness to release Nepali youths currently serving in their army,” stated Dahal.

The Prime Minister emphasized his meeting with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister during his time in Uganda.

In this meeting, Dahal urged the Russian government to consider releasing Nepali youths enlisted in the Russian army. “I conveyed that Nepali nationals are authorized for recruitment only in the national armies of India and the United Kingdom,” added Dahal.

During the press conference, PM Dahal underscored the necessity to discourage the practice of Nepali citizens seeking employment opportunities in any country that contravene the policies and constitution of Nepal.

Concluding his visit to Uganda, PM Dahal returned to Nepal this morning.