Madhesi man faces harassment from man referring himself as DSP


February 18, 2024


Madhesi man faces harassment from man referring himself as DSP

Image for Representation/ Photo from Sarad Singh Yadav's social media post

KATHMANDU: A viral video on social media depicts harassment against a Madhesi youth who was travelling in a car in a busy street along with his wife.

In the video, the individual questions the Madhesi youth about his Nepali citizenship and issues threats related to a vehicular incident.

Although the exact location of the incident is still to be established, the place looks like a street in Kathmandu, involving a confrontation between an unidentified person driving a black car and a Madhesi youth.

The victim, seen with his wife, faces verbal abuse and threats from another individual claiming himself to be a DSP.

The person, pointing fingers aggressively, identifies himself as a DSP and questions the Madhesi youth about his Nepali citizenship, referring to a vehicular incident.

He further intimidates by instructing the victim to show his ID and warns of potential consequences.

The video, shared widely on social media, has raised concerns about the targeted harassment faced by the Madhesi individual.

The identity of both the victim and the harasser remains undisclosed, making it challenging to determine the specific details and location of the incident.

The victim is shown to be making a phone call in the video, presumably to seek help or inform someone about the situation.

The DSP, continuing to issue threats, instructs the victim to prepare his license and bluebook while making ominous statements about the consequences.

This viral video has prompted discussions on social media, with many expressing concern over the inappropriate behavior and potential bias against the Madhesi community.