Policies and programs: Climate change issues take center stage


May 15, 2024


Policies and programs: Climate change issues take center stage

President Ram Chandra Paudel unveiling the government's policies and programs on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU: In a concerted effort to combat climate change, the government of Nepal is poised to unveil a comprehensive plan aimed at phasing out fossil fuels in favor of clean and renewable energy sources.

This strategic initiative aims to achieve a net zero carbon emission target by 2045, aligning with international commitments.

President Ram Chandra Paudel, in Tuesday’s joint session of the Federal Parliament, outlined the government’s agenda, emphasizing the implementation of a national policy and action plan for climate change mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.

A pivotal aspect of the government’s strategy involves hosting an international dialogue program titled ‘Climate Change: The Future of Mountains and Mankind’.

This initiative seeks to spotlight the vulnerabilities faced by least developed and mountainous nations, fostering awareness, stakeholder collaboration, and climate finance mobilization.

Furthermore, Nepal aims to bolster resilience by enhancing adaptive capacity, particularly in high mountainous regions and river systems, while addressing climate change impacts across diverse terrains with integrated approaches.

The ‘President Climate Change Management Program’ will play a crucial role in conserving the Chure region, while efforts will be made to leverage international climate funds and secure rights over such resources.

As part of its advocacy efforts, Nepal will actively engage in international forums to ensure equitable access to climate finance, alongside diplomatic endeavors to secure financial assistance for addressing climate change-induced loss and damage.

The government’s steadfast commitment to climate action underscores its proactive stance in safeguarding the environment and fostering sustainable development.