UML Chairman Oli dismisses need for left-wing unity in Nepal


April 15, 2024


UML Chairman Oli dismisses need for left-wing unity in Nepal

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File Photo

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli stated that unity among left parties is not necessary in the country.

Speaking at the party’s parliamentary party meeting on Monday, Oli argued that pushing for left unity is unreasonable.

He claimed that uniting the left would not effectively manage the country and the government.

Oli expressed his opinion that uniting left parties would not strengthen the party.

He specifically mentioned the Maoists and the Unified Socialist, noting that unity with them would not enhance the party’s strength.

“Today, left-wing unity will neither form the government nor run the country,” Oli stated at the meeting.

“We should not hold the illusion that uniting with such forces will make the party stronger,” he stated.

He emphasized that expanding the organization is the key to strengthening the party.

While Oli acknowledged the necessity of unity in the past, he believed that it is no longer required.

He clarified, “It’s not that we don’t need unity, but when we unite, we do so selectively. There is no unity just for the sake of seeking opportunities that might harm the party.”

Oli’s remarks refute claims that UML and the Maoist-Socialist parties have formed a ruling alliance with the long-term goal of achieving party unity.