National Assembly Session: Lawmakers highlight need for job creation and good governance


February 12, 2024


National Assembly Session: Lawmakers highlight need for job creation and good governance

National Assembly Meeting/File photo.

KATHMANDU: In today’s National Assembly session, lawmakers expressed concerns about the critical necessity of generating ample job opportunities within the country to deter the mass migration of youth seeking employment abroad.

During a special hour in the NA session, lawmakers underscored the importance of collective efforts to establish good governance and achieve prosperity.

Kumar Dasaudi advised the government to introduce and implement programs that inspire hope among citizens, encouraging them to stay and contribute to the country’s workforce.

Jitendra Narayan Dev urged the government to thoroughly analyze the current situation and respond accordingly, acknowledging the challenging and crisis-ridden national scenario.

He emphasized the need for unity to promote the overall interests of the nation in its pursuit of socialism.

Nar Bahadur Bista called for effective government intervention to curb the encroachment of public land and intensify efforts to combat corruption in policies.

While noting improvements in public service delivery, he stressed the importance of sustained progress.

Rajendra Laxmi Gaire echoed the urgency of swiftly concluding the peace process and advocated for the implementation of a gender-responsive budget.

She also urged the government to ensure timely payments to construction companies, facilitating the acceleration of national pride projects.

Narayan Prasad Dahal emphasized that the success of people’s representatives lies in prioritizing citizens’ agendas and national prosperity in their performance.

Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa urged the government to remain impartial and resist undue pressures while investigating corruption cases.

She emphasized the government’s role as a guardian of citizens, with lawmakers responsible for holding the government accountable for citizens’ issues, livelihoods, and nationality.

Thapa stressed the importance of the government taking diplomatic initiatives to promptly rescue Nepalis from war-affected regions.

“There are reports that 15,000 Nepalis are recruited in the Russian army, and the government should proceed with bringing them back home safely.”

Radheshyam Paswan alerted the government to the urgency of formulating the 40 laws demanded by the Constitution.