Koshi govt and identity-based agitators reach five-point agreement


February 9, 2024


Koshi govt and identity-based agitators reach five-point agreement

Government and agitating parties in a meeting.

KATHMANDU: A 5-point agreement has been inked on Friday between the Koshi provincial government and identity-based parties who had been protesting the name of Koshi Province.

Under the leadership of Koshi Chief Minister Kedar Karki, the government negotiated and agreed upon five points during ongoing talks that commenced on Thursday.

As outlined in the agreement, both the provincial government and identity advocates have committed to joint initiatives aimed at fostering a political environment conducive to changing the province’s name in accordance with constitutional principles.

In a significant shift, the identity-based parties have pledged to reform their ongoing movement, enforcing a ban on the activities of other political parties and groups, opting for a more peaceful approach.

Furthermore, the Koshi government, in alignment with the identity parties’ demands, has undertaken to provide free medical treatment to those injured during the year-long campaign.

A noteworthy aspect of the accord is the state government’s commitment to withdrawing legal cases against the protestors, signaling a move towards reconciliation and resolution.

Notably, the agreement also includes a provision to reconvene talks, reflecting a shared commitment to continued dialogue and cooperation between both parties.

Expressing optimism, Chief Minister Kedar Karki asserted that the success of these talks has ushered in a peaceful atmosphere in the province, anticipating accelerated development and prosperity in the days ahead.