Maoist Center’s bid for NA Chairman sparks outrage within NC


February 7, 2024


Maoist Center’s bid for NA Chairman sparks outrage within NC

The ruling coalition meeting/File

KATHMANDU: The Maoist Center’s assertion of its claim to the position of Chairman of the National Assembly has stirred up discontent and fury within the ranks of the Nepali Congress.

During a parliamentary party meeting of the CPN (Maoist Center) held on Monday and Tuesday, discussions centered around the party’s pursuit of the coveted position.

A majority of leaders present at the meeting advocated for the party to put forth a candidacy for the role of National Assembly Chairman.

“CPN (Maoist Center) being the largest party in the National Assembly, it’s natural for the party to aspire for the position,” remarked lawmaker Madhav Sapkota.

According to Sapkota, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the party Pushpa Kamal Dahal is keen on engaging in discussions with other coalition members in the near future regarding this matter.

The CPN (Maoist Center) emerged victorious in the recent National Assembly election for 19 vacant seats in March, securing a total of 18 lawmakers in the upper house.

However, tensions have escalated as leaders within the Maoist Center perceive the NA election results in the Koshi Province as an anti-coalition move by the Nepali Congress.

This move by the Maoist Center to vie for the position of Speaker has sparked fury and indignation among Nepali Congress members.

Meanwhile the Nepali Congress plans to nominate its own candidate for the Chairman of the National Assembly. “The Nepali Congress candidate will garner the support of all coalition members,” affirmed Min Biswakarma, the chief of the Nepali Congress’ publicity department.