Curfew imposed in Barahathawa, Sarlahi


January 5, 2024


Curfew imposed in Barahathawa, Sarlahi

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SARLAHI: The District Administration Office in Sarlahi announced the enforcement of a curfew in Barahathawa on Friday.

This decision follows a dispute over the upgrade of a primary health center in Barahathawa Municipality.

The disagreement escalated into clashes, resulting in the death of one individual and injuries to eight others, including the police. Consequently, the authorities imposed the curfew.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Komal Prasad Dhimal stated that the curfew order was issued due to potential risks to public safety. There were concerns about property damage, stone throwing, aggressive behavior, and possible disruptions to peace and order during public protests.

CDO Dhimal outlined that the curfew applies to Barahathawa Municipality, encompassing the area from North Soti-Chorniya Bridge to the canal leading to Western Hazariya, and from the Hanuman Temple in the south to Sitapur road in the east.

The order explicitly empowers security personnel to use necessary force and take legal actions against those violating the curfew in order to maintain public security.