FNJ archives 58 cases of violations of press freedom in 2023


December 31, 2023


FNJ archives 58 cases of violations of press freedom in 2023

Building of Federation of Nepali Journalists/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has assessed 2023 as a challenging year for the promotion of press freedom and freedom of expression.

Instances of violations against these freedoms increased this year compared to the previous year (2022).

In a press statement issued on the eve of the English New Year 2024, the umbrella organization of journalists reported 58 cases of violations, up from 53 in 2022.

Likewise, 13 women journalists, 74 male journalists, and five media organizations in 2023, compared to 18, 132, and six, respectively, in 2022, were affected by such incidences.

The FNJ has identified labor or professional insecurity as a major issue in the media sector, committing to finding durable solutions through improved legal provisions in 2024.

Furthermore, the FNJ notes that even political figures and individuals in government positions were involved in making false accusations against the press and media in 2023.

The FNJ urges political parties and those in public posts to maintain professional decency and remain committed to the right to freedom of expression and opinion, a free press, and the democratic rights of citizens.

The umbrella organisation of Nepal’s journalists has observed a slow progress in the formulations of communications laws and acts in 2023, drawing the government’s attention to promptly proceed ahead with those drafts prepared with the involvement of FNJ.

As the organisation said, it continues to caution federal, provincial, and local governments to consider the rights to freedom of expression and opinion, right to communications, full press freedom, and other fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution while formulating communication-related laws.

FNJ General Secretary Roshan Puri calls on the entire political parties and the government to take the matter seriously and ensure a strong legal mechanism to promote the exercise of the free Press and the freedom of expression and opinion.