Actor Anmol KC admitted to Chirayu Hospital after his refusal to stay in police custody


September 30, 2023


Actor Anmol KC admitted to Chirayu Hospital after his refusal to stay in police custody

Anmol KC/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Nepali actor Anmol KC, who was apprehended on charges of criminal treachery on Friday evening, was taken to Chirayu Hospital in Maharajgunj after he adamantly declined to remain in police custody.

The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office arrested KC from Sanga in Bhaktapur, sparking a high-profile arrest.

Following his apprehension, he was initially brought to the office in Min Bhavan before being transferred to the Singhdarbar police circle for detention.

The Singha Darbar police circle is recognized for being the preferred choice for detaining influential individuals arrested in the Kathmandu Valley.

However, Anmol KC refused to remain in police custody, prompting authorities to take decisive action.

Around 11:30 pm, he was transferred to Chirayu Hospital in Maharajgunj.

Hospital sources have confirmed that Anmol’s health is currently stable and without any issues.

An official from the hospital reported that Anmol’s admission to the hospital was initiated at the request of the police, and he was accompanied by police security personnel during the process.

Under the legal framework, individuals arrested by the police can be taken to a government hospital if they exhibit signs of health problems.

Furthermore, if admission to a government hospital is not feasible, a private hospital can be considered only upon the recommendation of a medical professional.

In this case, the police opted for a private hospital without following the established procedure.

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