Cardiologists emphasize heart health on World Heart Day


September 29, 2023


Cardiologists emphasize heart health on World Heart Day

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KATHMANDU: On World Heart Day, cardiologists worldwide have expressed their growing concerns about the rising incidence of heart diseases. They assert that a proactive focus on diet and lifestyle can be instrumental in safeguarding individuals from heart-related ailments.

Dr. Mani Gautam, a renowned cardiologist at Bharatpur Hospital, stressed the importance of monitoring the health of one’s family, regardless of whether any members have a history of heart-related diseases. Dr. Gautam pointed out that individuals with high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes face a higher risk of heart disease.

“We can shield ourselves from heart diseases by identifying and addressing risk factors,” Dr. Gautam stated. He advised making healthier lifestyle choices, such as quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, while emphasizing the significance of regular exercise, weight management, and stress reduction. He also recommended managing diabetes, cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure through consistent medication to protect against heart diseases.

Dr. Gautam further urged individuals to manage cardiac asthma and congenital heart conditions. He underscored that timely attention and intervention could prevent heart diseases and, if already present, potentially save lives.

Similarly, Dr. Shankar Laudari, a cardiologist at Chitwan Heart Hospital, emphasized the importance of taking preventive measures against heart diseases in a timely manner. He cautioned against smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, highlighting that recovery from these addictions can occur within a year or two, but the consequences of aggravated heart diseases can be irreversible.

Dr. Laudari warned that the risk of heart disease can also rise due to excessive or improper medication and a lack of physical activity. He advised a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, and antioxidant-rich foods while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fatty foods to mitigate the risk of heart diseases.

Furthermore, Dr. Laudari highlighted air pollution as a contributing factor to heart disease.

Dr. Vishnumani Dhital at Chitwan Medical College recommended early recognition of common heart disease symptoms and prompt treatment. According to him, persistent chest pain in the middle of the chest, chest heaviness during physical exertion, and a sensation of pressure on the chest are typical symptoms of heart diseases.

Cardiologists collectively urged individuals to consult with medical professionals as soon as heart disease symptoms manifest.

Notably, cardiovascular services, once predominantly available only in the Kathmandu Valley, have gradually expanded across the country, including Chitwan. Healthcare facilities have also introduced Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories to provide immediate medical intervention in the event of a heart attack.