HamroPay users cross 1 lakh in the first month of its launch


March 28, 2023


HamroPay users cross 1 lakh in the first month of its launch

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KATHMANDU: HamroPay, the popular digital wallet service integrated into Nepal’s leading app HamroPatro, has surpassed 100,000 users within a month of its launch.

The app’s seamless integration with HamroPatro has made it easy for users to open an account without downloading a separate app, contributing significantly to its popularity.

Users of HamroPay’s service have been primarily using the app to pay their bills, including mobile top-up, electricity, water, internet, and TV. However, the app’s QR code can also be used for payments at merchants, superstores, and grocery stores.

One of the app’s most popular features has been the ‘split and pay’ feature, which allows users to split bills among friends.

HamroPay aims to make Hamro Patro the super app of Nepal.

The company has included original features such as expense tracking in six different local languages and ‘Live Chat Support’ for users’ convenience, a statement issued by HamroPay, said.

“We are thrilled with the response that HamroPay has received from users, and we are confident that our platform will continue to grow in popularity. Our team is working hard to ensure that HamroPay remains secure, user-friendly, and innovative,” said Shankar Uprety, CEO and Founder of Hamro Patro.