Ratnapark to Suryabinayak ‘Express Bus’ service resumes from today


November 26, 2023


Ratnapark to Suryabinayak ‘Express Bus’ service resumes from today

Express Bus /File

KATHMANDU: After a brief hiatus, the Ratnapark to Suryabinayak ‘express bus’ service, initially halted after operating for only a month, resumed from today.

The service will recommence on the Ratnapark to Suryabinayak route with an expanded fleet of 11 additional buses, supplementing the previous 25 ‘express buses’ that were in operation.

The buses are scheduled to traverse the route between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM departing from Suryabinayak in the morning and from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM departing from Ratnapark in the afternoon.

Launched by the government two months ago on Constitution Day, this initiative aimed to provide the public with a rapid and reliable bus service. The ‘express bus’ is expected to cover the distance from Ratnapark to Suryabinayak in just 45 minutes, a considerable reduction compared to the regular public buses. To ensure expedited mobility, the ‘express bus’ has been allocated a dedicated red lane.

Despite the accelerated service, the government has assured that passenger fares for the ‘express bus’ will remain unchanged, aligning with the rates of regular public buses.