Federalism is not foisted: NC leader Thapa


September 26, 2023


Federalism is not foisted: NC leader Thapa

Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa/File Photo

LALITPUR: Nepal Congress (NC) General Secretary Gagan Thapa has said the notion that ‘federalism is foisted’ is wrong.

He said that the NC should be clear on it.

“It is true that federalism is not functioning well; we need correction on it. But, it is wrong to say that federalism is foisted,” Thapa stated.

NC was the first to hold its convention and endorse the adoption of federal democratic system by ending the unitary system, he said.

“Whom are we blaming while derailing the system achieved with hard struggle?” he queried.

“Our discussions won’t function by shirking off responsibilities,” he underscored.