Chilling alert: Nepal faces mercury dip, urges precaution against cold


December 25, 2023


Chilling alert: Nepal faces mercury dip, urges precaution against cold

A rickshaw puller pulls amid chilly cold thick fog in Nepal's southern plains. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: As temperatures drop across the nation, the Meteorological Forecasting Division of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has issued a cautionary advisory, urging people to brace for the cold.

Meteorologist Saroj Pudasaini from the Division highlighted the escalating cold across the nation. Although no significant weather patterns are currently active, he emphasized the necessity of taking precautions due to the rising cold.

The hilly regions are experiencing partial cloud cover, while the Tarai region enjoys generally fair weather, according to the Division’s report.

Pudasaini mentioned, “The influence of the Westerly wind is partially felt, and any substantial weather systems are not expected for the coming days.”

Today, the weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the hilly areas of Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces, with generally clear skies elsewhere. Tonight, the prediction indicates partly cloudy conditions in the hilly regions of Koshi and Gandaki provinces, while other areas are expected to be generally fair.

Early in the morning, dense fog enveloped Biratnagar, Janakpur, and Bhairahawa in the Tarai region.

In Kathmandu, the minimum temperature was recorded at 5.4 degrees Celsius, while the maximum reached 18 degrees Celsius today. The city has witnessed intensified cold with a drop in temperatures. Despite sunny conditions around midday, mornings and evenings are notably chilly.

Jumla reported the country’s lowest temperature at minus 2.8 degrees Celsius, as stated by the Division.