Janakpurdham youths kidnapped and murdered in India


January 22, 2023


Janakpurdham youths kidnapped and murdered in India

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JANAKPURDHAM: Two youths from Janakpurdham have been murdered in India after being kidnapped.

Rohit, the 25-year-old son of Jagdish Sah, resident of Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City, and Bishnu, the 22-year-old son of Rambabu Sah, resident of Janakpurdham-13 have been found murdered in India.

On Sunday morning, their bodies were found in a field to the west of Parsa village in Bihar, India.

The two youths had gone to visit their relatives’ house at Sitamarhi district in India two weeks back.

The relatives, who searched them as they disappeared from their house on January 11, came to know that both of them were kidnapped after the abductors demanded a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from the families.

The kidnappers recorded Bishnu’s voice and played it to his relatives over the phone.

The family even agreed to give Rs 20 lakhs to the kidnappers.

The family members informed the police after the kidnappers called them with Rs 20 lakhs near Malangwa checkpoint in Sarlahi.

However, since last Tuesday, the kidnapper’s mobile phone could not be contacted.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the youths were found on Sunday morning.

Indian police called the relatives of the deceased youths, and the bodies have been kept at the police office in Bela Parihar, India.

“The family members listened to the records sent by the kidnappers and did not inform the police on time. So unfortunately, we could not save him,” the police said.

Police arrested five people after the incident.

Dhanusha SP Biswaraj Khadka said that Dhanusha police arrested 2 people and Indian police arrested 3 people on charges of being involved in the incident.

According to the police, the search is on as four people are absconding.