Post-Tihar market exhibits double-digit growth


November 20, 2023


Post-Tihar market exhibits double-digit growth

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KATHMANDU: The market after Tihar has experienced robust expansion, marking a significant surge in double digits.

In the initial hour of trading on Monday at 12 noon, the market exhibited a remarkable increase of 16.79 points, reaching a total of 1868.87 points.

During this period, the market witnessed a substantial turnover of 35 crores.

Notably, the share prices of 159 companies observed an upward trend, while 64 companies faced a decrease.

This positive shift indicates a potential reversal in the recent trend of continuous market decline, suggesting a gradual return to stability.

The uptick is further supported by the increasing share mortgage loans, signifying a potential recovery in the market.

Highlighting specific success stories, the share price of Karnali Development Bank soared by 10 percent.

Additionally, Himalayan Distillery secured the highest turnover with an impressive 36 million.

These instances contribute to the overall optimism surrounding the market’s resurgence.