RPP to launch movement for Hindu state, abolition of federalism


December 19, 2023


RPP to launch movement for Hindu state, abolition of federalism

Leaders of Rastriya Prajatantra Party in a meeting/Fie Photo

KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has announced plans for a mass movement aimed at reinstating the Hindu nation and calling for the abolition of federalism.

The announcement follows a three-day Central Working Committee meeting held in Kathmandu, where the party’s spokesperson, Mohan Kumar Shrestha, conveyed the decision.

Shrestha emphasized that the upcoming mass movement aims to generate widespread public pressure to re-establish the Hindu nation, rooted in Vedic Sanatan Dharma, advocating for a society that embraces religious freedom.

The decision to launch the movement stems from concerns over pressing issues affecting the citizens, including the nation’s declining economy, rising frustration among the populace, heightened unemployment rates, escalating debt burdens on small farmers and entrepreneurs due to economic downturns, youth migration to foreign countries, and prevailing corruption, he said.

In preparation for the movement, Shrestha stated that meetings and preparations will be conducted nationwide throughout the months of mid-December and January.

Additionally, plans include the organization of the Mechi Mahakali Unity Campaign and a demonstration centered around the Valley in February.

To oversee and coordinate the movement, a Central Movement Committee has been established, with party Chairman Rajendra Lingden.