Koshi Province NC dispute: Province PP leader Thapa resigns


October 14, 2023


Koshi Province NC dispute: Province PP leader Thapa resigns

Nepali Congress Koshi Province Assembly Parliamentary Party leader Uddhav Thapa/File photo.

BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress (NC) parliamentary party leader in Koshi Province Assembly Uddhav Thapa has tendered his resignation from his post.

Thapa’s decision to step down as the party leader was rooted in ethical considerations, following the appointment of Kedar Karki from the NC Shekhar Koirala faction as Chief Minister, a move that ran counter to the ruling coalition’s decision.

Despite the initial alliance’s endorsement of Indra Angbo, the leader of the CPN-Maoist Center, for the position of Chief Minister in Koshi, the Shekhar faction of NC rebelled and nominated Kedar Karki as the candidate for Chief Minister.

An intriguing aspect of this situation was that both candidates submitted their claims for the post of Chief Minister, each bearing the signatures of 8 NC lawmakers. Consequently, Province Chief Parashuram Khapung summoned the relevant MPs to his office on Saturday for verification of these signatures.

Following the identification process, Karki was appointed Chief Minister after 8 NC members confirmed their support, with the additional backing of 39 CPN-UML MPs.

Moreover, it has been agreed that the ruling coalition will also extend its support to Chief Minister Karki.