Activist E alleges breach of peaceful protest rights in Lalitpur


December 12, 2023


Activist E alleges breach of peaceful protest rights in Lalitpur

Police offering protection to Activist E in Lalitpur on Tuesday.

PATAN, LALITPUR: Activist E, who urged Kathmandu Metropolis to reconsider its decision regarding the obstruction of street vendors, has lodged a complaint, asserting that his right to peaceful protest has been infringed upon in Lalitpur.

A group protested in front of the Lalitpur Metropolis office, alleging that E’s advocacy for the street vendors’ rights contradicted pedestrians’ right to walk freely on the pavement. Upon reaching E’s protest site, they voiced their opposition, stating they wouldn’t permit business activities on the footpath.

Meanwhile, E revealed that while protesting, some ‘supposed locals’ attempted to tear his pamphlets. The police have provided him protection and are currently keeping him at the Pulchowk Police Station. He confirmed his continued presence at the same location.

“Our right to peaceful protest has been violated. We were disrupted when we tried to raise our issue,” expressed E. “Given the threat of potential attacks, we haven’t yet decided the next steps for our movement.”

Lalitpur Metropolis had marked the Mangalbazar-Lagankhel area as a ‘prohibited zone for footpath shops’ since last Sunday due to the rise in sidewalk traders. Following the demarcation of the restricted area, E posted on social media on Monday about his intention to stand there for 108 minutes.