NC lawmakers criticize govt for displaying a biased attitude


August 11, 2023


NC lawmakers criticize govt for displaying a biased attitude

Nepali Congress lawmakers at a meeting/Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: In a pointed critique, lawmakers from the Nepali Congress (NC) have strongly condemned the government’s actions, accusing it of displaying bias by singling out NC leaders.

During a meeting of the NC’s Parliamentary Party (PP), lawmakers expressed dissatisfaction with their own party’s leadership for not taking decisive steps to resolve the ongoing deadlock in the Parliament.

In a unanimous voice, NC lawmakers labeled the government’s behavior as “biased,” citing instances where prominent NC figures, including Bal Krishna Khand, are being held in custody in relation to the counterfeit Bhutanese refugee scandal.

Additionally, an arrest warrant has been issued for another key leader, Bijay Kumar Gachchadar, in connection with the Lalita Niwas land acquisition case.

Further escalating the situation, lawmaker Sunil Sharma was apprehended last Thursday.

The spotlight was also turned onto Finance Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat, with NC lawmakers vigorously addressing their concerns during the session.

Lawmakers further raised questions about the arrest of fellow legislator Sunil Sharma, who represented Morang Constituency-3.

Sharma’s detainment by the Central Investigation Department (CIB) at his Mandikhatar residence was spurred by allegations of falsifying educational credentials.

Lawmaker Arjun Narsingh KC posed the question of whether Sharma’s arrest was linked to his call for the resignation of both the Finance Minister and the Home Minister in connection with a gold-related case.

Lawmaker Udaya Shumsher Rana voiced strong criticism against the government’s repeated targeting of NC leaders, questioning the rationale behind these actions, especially considering the NC’s presence within the government.

Sarita Prasai, another influential lawmaker, echoed sentiments of bias, highlighting the pattern of accusations being leveled against NC leaders and further reinforcing the stance of the government’s favoritism.