Police nab an accused for exploiting for online fraud in Chinese firm


December 10, 2023


Police nab an accused for exploiting for online fraud in Chinese firm

Accused Budhha Lama/Photo: Nepal Police.

KATHMANDU: The Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau of the Nepal Police apprehended a man for allegedly trafficking individuals to a Chinese company, holding them captive, and transporting them to Myanmar under the pretenses of a promising job as an English translator at a Chinese firm in Thailand.

On Sunday, the Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau detained Buddha Lama, a 36-year-old, from Bansbari, Kathmandu.

Reportedly, Lama coerced the victim into a Chinese company in Myawadi, Myanmar, where he was confined as a captive, working under harsh conditions for 18-20 hours daily, resembling a state of servitude.

Krishna Prasad Pangeni, a Superintendent of Police, disclosed that the Kathmandu District Court is investigating Lama’s alleged involvement in human trafficking, setting a seven-day timeframe for the inquiry.

Investigations unveiled that the perpetrators extracted 150,000 rupees from the victim, promising employment as an English translator at a call center in Myanmar, with a monthly salary of 130,000 rupees. They were enticed with assurances of regular pay increments along with free accommodation and meals.

Upon arrival in Myawadi, Myanmar, disguised as Thailand, the victim underwent a seven-day training on soliciting online investments in Bitcoin from American and European citizens through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and X.

The probe further revealed that failure to meet company targets led to physical and mental abuse, including the threat of electric shocks, imposed upon the employees.

To prevent escape attempts, the premises were under constant CCTV surveillance, while security guards monitored the area, effectively keeping the enslaved workers within the confines of the company for extensive periods of 18-20 hours without freedom of movement.

Additionally, it came to light that the victim was coerced into paying 800,000 rupees to a Myanmar-based company for repatriation to Nepal after ten months in Myanmar.

The police are actively pursuing other suspects involved in this incident while continuing with further investigations.