Audio of RSP MP Dhaka Shrestha allegedly asking Durga Prasai Rs 20 million leaked


April 9, 2023


Audio of RSP MP Dhaka Shrestha allegedly asking Durga Prasai Rs 20 million leaked

Dhaka Kumar Shrestha/Shrestha/Facebook

KATHMANDU: An audio of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) MP Dhaka Kumar Shrestha demanding Rs 2 crores (Rs 20 million) from Durga Prasai, promoter of Birtamod-based B&C Hospital, has been leaked.

Kapurbot Media has released the audio of the deal between Shrestha and Prasai today.

In the audio, Shrestha is heard asking Rs 2 crores from Prasai saying he needed the amount to be given to party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane.

After the audio was made public, RSP said it is investigating the issue.

Part of the audio conversation between Prasai and Shrestha:

Dhaka Prasad: I just woke up.

Prasai: Oh, I also switched off my phone last night. Switching off the phone means it’s time to go to bed. I put the phone on charge and went to sleep. And please tell me, how can I serve you?

Dhaka Prasad: It’s likely that we will be getting the Ministry of Health. We have a core team of around two to three people. They have been asking the amount. It should be around Rs 2 crores…. He told me that he is getting the Ministry. In fact, the health sector should be completely improved and needs cleansing. I think we should do more. We want your help, support.

Prasai: I wanted to know one thing, doctor. I have understood that Tosima Karki is the only doctor in the Rastriya Swatantra Party.

Dhaka Prasad: No. There are three of us.

Durga: Who are they?

Dhaka Prasad: I, Tosima and Chanda Karki.

Durga: Ok, Chanda ma’am is also there, right. By the way, where are you from?

Dhaka Prasad: I am from Pokhara, sir!

Prasai: And from where did you complete your MBBS?

Dhaka Prasad: In China …

Prasai: And MD?

Dhaka Prasad: I have not done MD…only MBBS. Later, instead of studying something else, I entered politics.

Prasai: See, there are numerous problems in the health sector. All nursing colleges in the country have been closed. Nurses are deprived of pursuing their higher degreed. I have repeatedly said this. Instead of sending a bar dancer to Dubai, why can’t we send a nurse?

Dhaka Prasad: Exactly

Prasai: By the way, what’s you name? Dhak Bahadur?

Dhaka Prasad: Dhaka Kumar Shrestha.

Prasai: Dhaka kumar Shrestha. Well I understand. Now let’s proceed… But Mukul told me that the party would be getting Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

Dhaka Prasad: Mukulji doesn’t know this sir. And, he is also not in the core team.

Prasai: OK.

Dhaka Prasad: Party Chairman is not aware of this. We have a separate team of two or three people. They have been helping the party from the very beginning. And they told me that I have to fix the amount with you today itself. They have talked about Rs two-and-a-half, but now they accept even if I give them Rs one (crore). Even if you give a check later, they will accept it.

Prasai: The banks are closed today. And, listen, checks above Rs 999,000 will not be exchanged from the bank. Now let’s clear things up. I will give, I will help. But remember, you need to do my work too.


Dhaka Prasad: I will do that. I wonder what (Dr) Govinda is like. Sometimes it feels like dying. It is also because of him that he did not get to study MBBS.

Prasai: Moreover, I had to send my daughter to Tokyo to get MD by paying Rs 3 crores. I did not get to teach radiation oncology here.

Dhaka Prasad: That’s right sir. This is unfortunate.

Prasai: See, I am almost finished. If you look at my medical college, I have established it where there is a population of 32 million in Mechi outside Kathmandu Valley….

Dhaka Prasad: That’s right. These hurdles should be removed and resolved.

Prasai: And who is getting the Ministry of Education?

Dhaka Prasad: Ministry of Education seems to be out of our hand.

Prasai: May be my grandfather (KP Oli) will get the Education Ministry.

Dhaka Prasad: Yes.

Prasai: Grandfather (Oli) has to give me affiliation. Now because everything is done, Kathmandu University has given the affiliation. Only seats are not assigned. That girl is Narayankaji’s person….

Dhaka Prasad: Don’t worry. You and I will work together.

Prasai: KP Oli is coming to Jhapa tomorrow. I will come to Kathmandu tomorrow evening. I will help you now. But it will take some time since the money cannot be withdrawn immediately.

The bank will look for the entire system. It’s not so easy. Did you understand? No one can give money immediately.

Prasai: You have to pay this money to the same Rabi, don’t you?

Dhaka Prasad: I have never seen Rabi Sir in the scene. There are two or three friends outside whom I have to give the money to.