Rabi Lamichhane acknowledges lack of inclusivity in RSP


December 3, 2023


Rabi Lamichhane acknowledges lack of inclusivity in RSP

Chairman of Rastriya Swatantra Party, Rabi Lamichhane/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Rabi Lamichhane, has admitted to the prevalence of a Chhetri-Bahun majority, specifically “Khas Arya”, within his party.

Lamichhane acknowledged the dominance of men and characterized it as a significant flaw that demands correction.

During the central committee meeting of RSP in Jaleshwar, Mahottari this week, Lamichhane presented a political report addressing the imbalance.

He stated, “From the central structure to the ward level, our party is predominantly composed of ‘Khas Arya’ and men. Failing to actualize inclusion in practice is our major weakness.”

Lamichhane emphasized the urgency of rectifying the situation and instructed party members to take corrective actions.

“I urge everyone to address this issue promptly. I seek a commitment from all my colleagues that such weaknesses will not persist in the future,” he added.

Highlighting the constitutional guarantee of inclusiveness, Lamichhane stressed, “Neglecting inclusivity, whether knowingly or unknowingly, undermines the essence of democracy.”

Following the Jaleshwar meeting, criticisms surfaced on social media from common people, who condemned the party’s leadership for lacking inclusivity.

RSP officials’ photos were posted online, drawing attention to the imbalance.

Lamichhane, however, took responsibility for this shortcoming in his report and pledged to rectify the deficiencies.

He also acknowledged that the failure to make the party inclusive amounts to a mockery of democracy.