No plans to ban other social media platforms: Home Minister


December 2, 2023


No plans to ban other social media platforms: Home Minister

Home Minister Shrestha addressing a conference at Bharatpur/ RSS

KATHMANDU: Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha has clarified that the government is not currently considering the ban of any additional social media platforms in Nepal.

Addressing a conference today at Bharatpur, Minister Shrestha acknowledged the recent ban on TikTok in the country but assured that there are no plans to extend the ban to other social sites. Responding to inquiries about potential bans on other platforms, he stated, “Such reports are not true. The government will instead monitor them.”

Minister Shrestha emphasized that the government aims to uphold people’s freedom and will focus on monitoring rather than restricting access. He stated, “The government will not limit people’s freedom, but we are only looking forward to monitoring them.”

Additionally, Minister Shrestha issued a warning against individuals using social media platforms to spread hate or engage in activities that threaten social harmony and peace. The government remains committed to ensuring a responsible and secure online environment for citizens.