16th periodic plan: Good governance, social justice and prosperity in focus


August 1, 2023


16th periodic plan: Good governance, social justice and prosperity in focus

Office of the National Planning Commission/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Good governance, social justice and prosperity are major focuses of government in the forthcoming 16th periodic plan.

The plan is to ensure social justice in health, education, employment and housing while good governance in political, administrative and judicial fronts, according to the National Planning Commission, the government body responsible for the planning.

Similarly, prosperity in social life, economic development and national economy are key issues, NPC Vice Chairman Dr Min Bahadur Shrestha said, “All levels of government and stakeholders need to build capacity for smooth and effective coordination and collaboration so that the plan would be implemented in a result-oriented manner.”

The 16th periodic plan will identify and address the structural barriers surfaced in the strategic development endeavors, he said, adding that that efforts of self-reliance in agricultural production, export promotion, development of tourism and industries, power trade, irrigation expansion, establishment of metal industry, complete use of labor force would help achieve national development and prosperity.

Similarly, reform in service delivery, infrastructure development, strengthening of economic foundation and creation of decent and inclusive employments, quality education, urban management, social empowerment, social security, capacity enhancement on capital spending are other important areas.

Biodiversity, SDGs, priority to trade and industry, corruption control, adoption of result-oriented work, environmental issues, strict implementation of projects would also be paid heed.

It was mentioned in the presentation made by Vice Chairman Dr Shrestha during a parliamentary committee on Monday.

Nepal had embarked on periodic plan since 2013BS. Currently, 15th periodic plan and 25-year long term plan are in effect.

Narayan Neupane/RSS