Bad touch case: Actress and monk reach an agreement

Lama admits mistake, heroine Miruna forgives him considering a brother


May 31, 2022


Bad touch case: Actress and monk reach an agreement

KATHMANDU: An agreement has been reached between actress Miruna Magar and monk Phurba Lama. Both have agreed to apologize to each other and not to dispute over the issue again.

Miruna had slapped Lama on Sunday accusing him of abusing her (badly touching her) during an interaction with fans of ‘Kabaddi 4: The Final Match’ at Civil Mall. Lama was handed over to the police following the incident.

Lama, a permanent resident of Mugu, admitted his mistake and apologized to actress Magar.

The actress has forgiven Lama considering him as a brother and met him on Tuesday following his release from custody. Lama posted a bail of Rs 3,000 today to secure his release.

The actress also apologized to the entire Buddhist community, including monks and lamas, as the incident had an negative impact on them due to the incident thought Miruna’s action in course of the incident could be thought of as brave and natural.

The actress and the monk signed a letter that stated that dispute would not occur over the issue again in the coming days.

After the incident gained public attention, the actress was criticized on social media.