Priority on preserving indigenous crops


December 29, 2022


Priority on preserving indigenous crops

Agriculture Knowledge Center Dhulikhel/File Photo

KAVREPALANCHOWK: Preservation of indigenous crops – that has been traditionally cultivated by the local community people – has been put in priority in Kavrepalanchowk.

The Agriculture Knowledge Center Dhulikhel has set up several programs this year with the assistance of the Bagmati province government.

Center’s Chief Tej Prasad Dawadi shared that indigenous crops are to be cultivated in 40 hectares of land in Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk this year under the indigenous crop value chain promotion program.

In order to implement the program, proposals are solicited from farmers’ groups and cooperatives of Kavre and Sindhupalchowk for this.

“Since last years, efforts have been made emphatically to preserve and promote indigenous crops”, he said.

The province and the federal government would annually increase the budget for the promotion of indigenous crops.

This year the provincial government allocated a budget of Rs 4 million for the promotion of indigenous crops.