Koshi Tappu, CNP welcome baby elephant same day


August 29, 2022


Koshi Tappu, CNP welcome baby elephant same day

Elephant calf/Image for Representation

CHITWAN: The Koshi Wildlife Reserve and the Chitwan National Park have news to celebrate.

It is heartening news for those specially working in the elephant conservation sector and the entire nature conservation.

The good news is that two elephants, one at the Koshi Tappu and one at the CNP, gave birth the same day.

The elephant named Loktantra Kali at the Koshi Tappu gave birth to a female calf while Saraswoti Kali at the CNP delivered a male calf on Sunday.

According to Director General at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Dr Maheshwor Dhakal, both mothers and calves are in a good health condition.

The elephant’s gestation period is from 22 to 24 months. Nepal is presently home to around 225 indigenous elephants while the number of tamed elephants is 178 (102 tamed from the government level and 76 personal).

Likewise, 200 elephants in Jhapa and Shuklaphanta National Park have emigrated from different parts of India.

The domesticated pachyderms are in the Koshi Tappu, CNP, Parsa National Park, Banke National Park, Bardiya National Park and the Shuklaphanta National Park, according to him.

An elephant breeding center in Chitwan is running successfully. It is indeed news of celebration that one female and one male elephant calves were born same day.

As Dhakal said, employees at the elephant sanctuaries have a great role in the care and protection of the animals and the government should come up with a policy to motivate them.

Elephant is the largest land living animal. Though it is found in 50 countries across the world, it is still an endangered species of animal. In Hinduism, it is worshipped as the Ganesh deity.