President insists on taking arrears clearance efforts as a campaign


June 29, 2022


President insists on taking arrears clearance efforts as a campaign

President Bidya Devi Bhandari addresses the 64th anniversary of the Office of the Auditor General. (Photo: RSS)

KATHMANDU: President Bidya Devi Bhandari said the report of the Office of Auditor General (OAG) indicates the increasing size of arrears, suggesting the need for a campaign to downsize it.

The Head-of-the-State in her address to the 64th anniversary of the OAG here today underlined the need for fiscal discipline to prevent arrears.

“Economic fairness will help establish good governance,” the President said, seeking the attention of all bodies concerned towards that end.

The President insisted on transparency in public finance behaviors, acknowledging the role of the OAG report to make the public finance management effective.

As the President said, authorities ranging from the federal to local government should take the issues raised in the OAG report seriously.

Also speaking on the occasion, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said the government was effortful to clear arrears and enhance the fiscal management.

The Ministry was at work to settle the arrears worth Rs 676 billion remained so far, he added.

“The issues of arrears clearance have been accorded priority in policies and programs and budget for the upcoming fiscal year and the OAG will be provided necessary physical and financial assistance for the same.”

She drew the attention of the government to control unnecessary expenditures on foreign trips and be frugal at the time the country was reeling under economic difficulties.

Similarly, Auditor General Tanka Mani Sharma (Dangal) shared that reports prepared through electronic auditing would be released from this year.

Stating that the OAG could not observe the office anniversary due to COVID-19 risks, he shared that a total of seven staffers were awarded this year for their best performance.

According to him, a separate audit report of COVID-19 would be made public very soon.

The OAG had adopted a risk-based auditing system from this year, he said.

It was shared that no encouraging works could be accomplished in the clearance of arrears this year.

The OAG said that cases of irregularities were rife at the local level. Effective implementation of the OAG report was emphasized for restoration of good governance.

Deputy Auditor-General Ramu Prasad Dotel urged to embrace the issues that would ensure good governance through the quality work of auditing.

The OAG has been auditing over 6,000 public offices annually.